Cheap Tyres in Parramatta

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For the cheapest and most reasonably priced tyres in Parramatta, look no further than Cheap Tyres and Wheels. Known for our wide cheap tyre selection and excellent customer service, we have become the premium cheap tyre supplier in Parramatta.


Cheap Tyres and Wheels has a huge selection of tyres, mags and alloy wheels. We don’t only have our stocks updated every week but new batches of cheap tyres come in every single day. We take pride in our generous selection of over 20,000 used tyres and another 5,000 new cheap tyres that will surely send your head spinning. Although tagged with low prices, these cheap tyres come from reputable tyre manufacturers like Continental, Kumho, Radial, BF Goodrich, Bridgeston, Michelin and other high quality manufacturers.

Quality is never “optional” at Cheap Tyres and Wheels. All of our cheap tyres, especially the used or second hand ones undergo stringent inspection by highly qualified personnel. Each tyre is checked for tread count and inspected for possible minor damages that may affect our buyer’s driving experience and safety.

Cheap Tyres and Wheels does not only offer a wide selection of used and new cheap tyres but also unbeatably low prices. For only $30, you can already own high quality used tyre which comes with free fitting, balancing and alignment services. New cheap tyres come in at a starting price of $55 which already includes free service. Mag and alloy wheels are also offered at the same price. Although used, our mag and alloy wheels are of high quality and will last you and your vehicle long.

We have gone all out in when it comes to bringing Parramatta residents the cheapest and most affordable high quality used and new tyres! For buyers who do not have time to personally come to our showroom, a quick visit to our website or a telephone call is all you need to get your cheap tyre purchase started! Our Milperra showroom is open everyday – seven days a week for those who have the luxury of time to spend a few hours in choosing the perfect set of tyres for their rides. For those who don’t, Cheap Tyres and Wheels will gladly deliver your set of wheels anywhere in Australia.

Browse our website now for a rough estimate of available sizes, brands and types of cheap tyres in Parramatta. A quick call to our friendly staff will confirm the availability of your chosen tyre. Cheap Tyres and Wheels will take care of the rest.

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