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Cheap Tyres & Wheels offers free quotes and free fitting of your frame with all purchases made with us. We are proud of our bargain tyre prices and our excellent customer service, there is no reason why you should buy your tyres anywhere else.

We have new and used 4×4 tyres for sale that are durable and of exquisite quality. Our selection of 4×4 tyres includes tyres for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, crossovers and more! Whether you are looking for wheels that provide durability for heavy duty, all-terrain or both, we have something for you. All of our tyres in stock are of the upmost resistance and durability and are tread quality-checked to give you the best performance possible.

The relevance of having the appropriate wheels for your 4 wheel drive, such as for any other vehicle is of the importance. When buying 4×4 tyres, you must take into consideration what type of terrain your vehicle navigates in the most; this is imperial as there are many tread patterns suitable for different types of terrain and applications. The quality and type of the wheels you use has a direct effect on the comfort of your ride, the gas mileage and the noise. These factors are all taken into account by our team of specialists when helping you choose a tyre for the needs of your vehicle.

With the variety of terrain types in Australia, we offer 4×4 tyres for sale that are perfect for on and off the road performance. If you love taking your 4 wheel drive off the road in the rocky outback roads, we have a selection of the finest heavy-duty tyres; our team of experts can help you select the appropriate tyres with the right tread pattern, carcass construction and size.

Our wide variety of 4×4 tyres for sale ranges from directional high performance, premium high performance, touring, highway terrain, all-terrain, sure trac, and armour for the roughest terrains and the smoothest of rides. So, don’t hesitate to come take a look at our online stock or visit us at our Milperra location, our experts will be ready to answer all of your questions and assess you to the right tyres you need.

Looking for 4×4 wheels for your 4 wheel drive? We’ve got what you’re looking for at Milperra Tyre Service; located in 7a Bullecourt Avenue in Milperra.



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