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Need cheap tyres Fast? Cheap Tyres & Wheels has over 20,000 second hand tyres in stock to choose and ready to be picked up from our Milperra Outlet. Our prices start as low as $30 per tyre. All purchases from Cheap Tyres & Wheels come with free fitting & balancing for your vehicle!

Passenger Sizes

4 x 4 Sizes

Ultra High Performance

155 x 12

215 x 15

205/45 x 16

165/70 x 13

215/75 x 15

205/50 x 16

175/70 x 13

225/70 x 15

225/50 x 16

185/70 x 13

225/75 x 15

215/55 x 16

175/65 x 14

225/80 x 15

225/55 x 16

175/70 x 14

235/75 x 15

205/40 x 17

185 x 14

265/70 x 15

215/40 x 17

185/60 x 14

9R x 15

215/45 x 17

185/65 x 14

175/80 x 16

225/45 x 17

185/70 x 14

215/70 x 16

235/45 x 17

195 x 14

215/80 x 16

245/45 x 17

195/60 x 14

245/70 x 16

255/40 x 17

185/65 x 14

245/75 x 16

225/40 x 18

195/70 x 14

265/75 x 16

235/40 x 18

205/70 x 14

265/70 x 16

245/40 x 18

195/60 x 15

275/70 x 16

245/45 x 18

195/65 x 15

285/75 x 16

245/35 x 19

195/70 x 15

225/65 x 17

195 x 15

235/65 x 17

205/60 x 15

245/65 x 17

205/65 x 15

265/65 x 17

215/65 x 15

275/65 x 17

205/70 x 15

235/60 x 17

215/70 x 15

235/55 x 18

215/60 x 16

265/60 x 18

225/60 x 16

275/70 x 16

235/60 x 16

285/60 x 18

245/45 x 19

285/50 x 20


When it comes to your safety, don’t think twice about replacing your tyres. Cheap Tyres & Wheels has something for everyone. Our second hand tyres are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to have a good grip. Most of tyres have a tread depth of 50% to 90%. Your safety comes first for us at Cheap Tyres & Wheels and we know the importance of keeping your vehicles in top shape. For that, our experts are prepared to help you choose a tyre that will provide you safety, durability and longevity, all at a discount price.

At Cheap Tyres & Wheels we like to make things as easy as possible for all of our clients, so if you don’t live near us, you can take a look at our online stock and shop online, we deliver everywhere in Australia and are open 6 days a week taking orders. If you don’t see what you need available in our online stock, feel free to call us to check what we have in stock. We carry all types, sizes and styles of tyres for all types of vehicles, plus all of our tyres are checked for tread depth and signs of wear before being admitted as part of our stock.  That’s where our guarantee of quality comes in, we provide quality service in every aspect.

Our tyre experts at Cheap Tyres & Wheels will help you with all of your tyre needs and concerns. Feel free to ask any questions you may have when you visit us or give us a call! If you are new to the world of tyres, our representatives can help you learn about the process of choosing a tyre for your vehicle according to the needs of your vehicle. We can also help you learn about the right maintenance to keep your tyres in top shape for a longer time. For a free quote, call us today on 1300 128 168, or if you’d like to visit us, we are located in 7a Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra between Liverpool and Sydney, offering you the best second hand tyres around!

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