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You Won’t Find Cheaper Tyres Anywhere Else In Sydney.

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Used tyres from $30* each fitted and balanced
New tyres from $55* each fitted and balanced

*Depends on Size & Brand

At Cheap Tyres & Wheels we care about you, we provide you with high quality products and professional service that you won’t find anywhere else. Our service is unique in that we care about your purchases, your safety and your satisfaction.
To satisfy all of your needs, we present you with the best discount tyres in Sydney from the most popular manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial and Kumho tyres.

Passenger Sizes

4 x 4 Sizes

Ultra High Performance

155 x 12

215 x 15

205/45 x 16

165/70 x 13

215/75 x 15

205/50 x 16

175/70 x 13

225/70 x 15

225/50 x 16

185/70 x 13

225/75 x 15

215/55 x 16

175/65 x 14

225/80 x 15

225/55 x 16

175/70 x 14

235/75 x 15

205/40 x 17

185 x 14

265/70 x 15

215/40 x 17

185/60 x 14

9R x 15

215/45 x 17

185/65 x 14

175/80 x 16

225/45 x 17

185/70 x 14

215/70 x 16

235/45 x 17

195 x 14

215/80 x 16

245/45 x 17

195/60 x 14

245/70 x 16

255/40 x 17

185/65 x 14

245/75 x 16

225/40 x 18

195/70 x 14

265/75 x 16

235/40 x 18

205/70 x 14

265/70 x 16

245/40 x 18

195/60 x 15

275/70 x 16

245/45 x 18

195/65 x 15

285/75 x 16

245/35 x 19

195/70 x 15

225/65 x 17

195 x 15

235/65 x 17

205/60 x 15

245/65 x 17

205/65 x 15

265/65 x 17

215/65 x 15

275/65 x 17

205/70 x 15

235/60 x 17

215/70 x 15

235/55 x 18

215/60 x 16

265/60 x 18

225/60 x 16

275/70 x 16

235/60 x 16

285/60 x 18

245/45 x 19

285/50 x 20

With a large stock of over 20,000 tyres we can guarantee you the best prices in Sydney with great quality tyres. All of our tyres in stock are inspected for signs of wear, age and damage before becoming a part of our varied stock, so when you purchase tyres from us you can trust the quality of the tyres we sell. Not only is our tyre selection great, but we provide friendly and enthusiastic service; with every purchase of tyres at Milperra Tyre Service we offer free frame fitting of your new tyres and advice you on their care to ensure your tyres will have a long shelf life.

If you are new to the world of tyres, our experts will be more than happy to explain to you the different types of tyres that would be appropriate for your vehicle and your needs according to the terrain you use most frequently.   Our Milperra location is open 6 days a week to give you free quotes on the wide selection of tyres we have in stock. With our wide range of 4×4 tyres for light trucks, SUVs, Range Rovers and other 4WD vehicles we also have something for all fanatics of driving in the outback roads. We have high performance tyres, premium high performance, all terrain, all mud, alloy and metal wheels and more great car accessories in stock.

To receive the best discount tyres in Sydney, you can view our large stock through our online stock gallery or call us to speak directly with one of our Milperra Tyre Service representatives to see what we have available. Alternatively, you can drop by and visit us at our Milperra location on 7a Bullecourt Avenue in Milperra. We are conveniently located between Liverpool and Sydney, but if you are not able to visit us in our Milperra location, we offer a shipping service and can ship any of our car accessories anywhere in Australia; our prices start from $30 per tyre!

Call us today on 02 9792 2999 or visit our store in Milperra for a great deal on Discount Tyres


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