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Used tyres from $30* each fitted and balanced
New tyres from $55* each fitted and balanced

*Depends on Size & Brand

We have a range of over 20,000 used tyres and over 5,000 new tyres to choose from.

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Cheap Tyres & Wheels is dedicated to bring you the quality cheap tyres that you are looking for.

Passenger Sizes

4 x 4 Sizes

Ultra High Performance

155 x 12

215 x 15

205/45 x 16

165/70 x 13

215/75 x 15

205/50 x 16

175/70 x 13

225/70 x 15

225/50 x 16

185/70 x 13

225/75 x 15

215/55 x 16

175/65 x 14

225/80 x 15

225/55 x 16

175/70 x 14

235/75 x 15

205/40 x 17

185 x 14

265/70 x 15

215/40 x 17

185/60 x 14

9R x 15

215/45 x 17

185/65 x 14

175/80 x 16

225/45 x 17

185/70 x 14

215/70 x 16

235/45 x 17

195 x 14

215/80 x 16

245/45 x 17

195/60 x 14

245/70 x 16

255/40 x 17

185/65 x 14

245/75 x 16

225/40 x 18

195/70 x 14

265/75 x 16

235/40 x 18

205/70 x 14

265/70 x 16

245/40 x 18

195/60 x 15

275/70 x 16

245/45 x 18

195/65 x 15

285/75 x 16

245/35 x 19

195/70 x 15

225/65 x 17

195 x 15

235/65 x 17

205/60 x 15

245/65 x 17

205/65 x 15

265/65 x 17

215/65 x 15

275/65 x 17

205/70 x 15

235/60 x 17

215/70 x 15

235/55 x 18

215/60 x 16

265/60 x 18

225/60 x 16

275/70 x 16

235/60 x 16

285/60 x 18

245/45 x 19

285/50 x 20

Our wide variety of tyres is used and new tyres gives you the liberty of choosing the tyres you want for the prices you can afford.

Cheap Tyres & Wheels guarantees that the quality of the tyres you take home from one of our shops will be the quality of a brand new tyre, be it new or used. We only offer you the best of the best with tyres of the make of manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial & Kumho.  We concentrate on giving you roadworthy tyres that you can trust and that will provide you maximum quality and performance. When you trust Cheap Tyres & Wheels to provide you with your new high quality tyres, we offer you free installation of the tyre set purchased with us. Our staff is trained to provide professional advice on any tyres for any type of car and to provide you with the best discounts.

Buying cheap tyres doesn’t mean you are buying less quality tyres, it means you are buying your tyres at the right place with Cheap Tyres & Wheels!  The cheap tyres we have in stock are checked for quality, performance and endurance, so that you have the best tyres available in the market.

If you are not sure if it’s time to replace your tyres, stop by Cheap Tyres & Wheels and one of our staff members will assist you checking your tyres for their condition. Ensuring that you have quality tyres can lower your chances of getting into an accident and can save you money, as the amount of tread left on a tyre affects your gas mileage directly. Ensuring that your tyres have enough tread left will provide you with a safer and more comfortable trip.

So when you come to Milperra Tyre Service, you will have new tyres that will be durable and will improve your gas mileage, saving you even more money!

For a free quote, call us. We are open 6 days a week and can ship your tyres of choice anywhere in Australia. Alternatively, you can visit us at 7a Bullecourt Ave., Milperra, NSW. 2214 Australia. Visit us now, your cheap tyres are waiting for you!

Call us today on (02) 9792 2999 or visit our store in Milperra for a great deal on New Or Used Tyres

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