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We’re One Of The Best Tyre Sellers In Sydney. Specialising in Used Quality Tyres With 50-90% Tread For Over 20 Years.

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At Cheap Tyres & Wheels we have a great selection of tyres for all 4WD vehicles for sale, with over 20,000 used tyres in stock, you can find the cheap 4×4 tyres you are looking for.

Our 4×4 tyres vary for on-road use, off-road varieties, mud tyres and snow tyres. If you enjoy driving in the Australia outback roads, we have the perfect dynamic tyres that offer the perfect grip with long-lasting durability. In our stock you’ll be able to find a tyres for all types of 4WD, SUVs and sports vehicles with high performance, ultra high performance, all terrain and all terrain premium.

High performance tyres are the most commonly used in 4×4 vehicles that are not driven in particularly rough terrain. These tyres are very similar in characteristics as high performance tyres for vehicles other than 4WD ones. Some tyres are characterized for having a soft tread compound and directional tread patters for good grip. The high performance tyres are more commonly used for vehicles such as the newer SUV models, the Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X5. It is recommended that these tyres are mainly intended for road use, so you might want to consider getting a different type of tyres if you plan on driving off road frequently.

All terrain tyres are very dynamic tyres that provide great performance on and off road. These type of tyres are perfect for vehicle owners that use their vehicles on a daily basis to cover long distances. The all terrain tyres are built with high technology to provide a smooth ride on the road on a daily basis and high performance on off the road drives. Although these tyres are recommended mostly for vehicle owners that drive on and off road, most people choose these type of tyres as they have a hard grip, that gives them durability and longevity. Most all terrain tyres can cover up to 60,000+ miles before they need to be replaced, so they are a great option!

As it is difficult to choose which tyres are best for your 4WD, our experts at Cheap Tyres And Wheels are qualified to share advice and knowledge with you on the type of tyres that would be more appropriate for the type of terrain you cover more frequently.

At Cheap Tyres & Wheels, we provide you with high quality service and free fitting with all purchases to go along with your cheap 4×4 tyres.



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