Cheap 4×4 tyres – Tough Tyres on Tough Surfaces

setof4tyresIf you have a heavy duty vehicle, then our 4×4 tyres at Cheap Tyres and Wheels are the perfect tyres for you. These tyres are ideal for all types of terrain and road surface but are mostly great for off the road trips in the outback. Our tyres offer the best durability and best quality anywhere in Sydney. Our top brand suppliers that supply us with all our other tyres also supply us with our 4×4 tyres so there’s no lax in their quality and durability. The main suppliers for these high performance tyres are Radial and Kumho tyres.

Choosing the right tyre is a key factor

We have no doubts whatsoever that the 4×4 high performance tyres supplied to us by the same suppliers of all our other tyres are of the highest quality. However, the most important task for you, our customer is to choose the right tyre for your vehicle. Although the 4×4 tyres look the same as other tyres except for their thicker tread and larger sizes, they are different in many ways. For one thing, they are especially designed to be able to last longer under gruelling conditions than ordinary tyres and when they’ve down the hard round in the outback, they don’t look the worse for wear and tear. After the dust and dirt have been cleaned off, they look as good as new.

Great for off road and on road use

You know, we’ve been at this game for 20 years now and we know all the ins and outs of the trade. However, you don’t have to take our word at face value and we invite you to come to our Milperra tyre service location the see for yourself the fantastic value you can get from our colossal range of 4×4 tyres. Our tyres are at home when you are driving around the city area of Sydney or doing a test run along the Nullarbor Plains or other outback stretch of road. It doesn’t worry them one bit. We can supply you with the greatest looking heavy-duty tyres and you don’t have to do anything. Our experts will help you choose the right tyre, tread, construction and size and off you go!

An impressive range of tyres

The range of 4×4 tyres we have at Cheap Tyres and Wheels is absolutely mind boggling. Just one look at our range of tyres and you’ll want to have the whole lot they’re that good. We have on sale at the moment a collection of high performance tyres, premium high performance, touring, highway terrain, including armour for the roughest outback terrain. Our tyres can negotiate them all and you will enjoy the smoothest ride of your life through them all. Do browse through our stock available for viewing online or alternatively, you can visit us at our Milparra location where our experts can attend to your needs on the spot.

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