Buy And Store Quality Discount Tyres, Even If You Don’t Have a Reason To.

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New Discounts In-Store Everyday. You Won’t Find Cheaper Tyres Anywhere Else In Sydney.
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Used tyres from $30* each fitted and balanced
New tyres from $55* each fitted and balanced
Aside from the rising petrol costs, another issue you may encounter is the frequency of changing new tyres. Personally, changing tyres every 2 years is bothersome already, however, the more you drive you car, the faster your tyres get worn. As our public transport are quite inefficient, more and more people opt to drive their cars instead. This means that you may actually end up changing your tyres at least once a year, dependent on how often you drive it and how rough you drive your car. We all know speeding wears out your tyres more quickly. Nevertheless, Cheap Tyres And Wheels are always in stock of discount tyres for you to choose from.

We constantly get new stock whether it be new or used tyres. There are some occasions where we store truly quality used tyre with up to 90% tread remaining that they just sell like hot cakes. We also make sure you get the best deal, so whenever you’re looking for a spare part for your car, think of stocking up on cheap tyres. You just never know when your family or friends might need a set pretty quickly.

On top of providing discount tyres, we include other services free of charge as part of our service to you. With all tyre purchase, we include free fitting and balancing as well as advice on how to make your tyres last longer so you can save costs in the long run.

At Cheap Tyres And Wheels, our discount tyres range from popular manufactures such as BF Goodrich, Kumho, Michelin, Radial, Continental, and Bridgestone.

If we haven’t listed a brand you’re familiar, give us a call. We are experts in stocking a wide range of tyres in Sydney and so, if you’re looking for a particular brand, tell us and we’ll source it for you.

Are Your Discounts Real and Are The Tyres Trustworthy?

We’re trustworthy because all our tyres are 100% roadworthy. We don’t merely sell tyres for a living, but we are passionate about what we do and who we do it for – our customers. Cheap Tyres And Wheels ensures that every incoming tyre is tested and inspected for signs of wearing, aging, and damage before they can officially be sold to any of our customers. Whatever you see sold from our workshop has passed our strict inspection criteria.

Learn what stocks are currently available. Call or visit Cheap Tyres And Wheels showroom today. They are located in Milperra NSW and have been servicing Australia-wide for many years. Call us for more information (02) 9792 2999.

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