Buying Second Hand Tyres in Sydney Safe?

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Prices of goods and services are rising everywhere in Australia to cater for inflation due to a stronger economy than its neighbours as well as demanding salary prices by employees. What this means are that tax costs, overhead costs and other rising costs of operating business in Australia are passed onto the consumers to shoulder when they do buy the goods or services. What this means is that most of us are constantly searching for ways to save costs, especially when those products or services are a required necessity.

One example we’re obviously going to raise are purchasing tyres. Many customers always ask us for a better deal or a better discount. To be honest, our prices are already very competitive, but we don’t blame our customers for trying in this tough economy.

You may have realised that our new tyre range are much smaller than our used tyres range. This is because new tyres are relatively more expensive to hold than used tyres. Our used tyre stocks are frequently turning over because more and more customers are opting for second hand tyres in preference to new ones for the price.

One question I often get asked by mothers or female customers are if second hand tyres any safe. My opinion are that second hand tyres are more or less similar to new tyres, dependent on the condition of the second hand tyres and who you purchase the tyres from.

At Cheap Wheels And Tyres, we inspect our second hand tyres thoroughly before making it available for sale to our customers. We make sure all our second hand tyres are durable and of high standards to meet any customer needs. That is why, many customers feel comfortable purchasing second hand tyres from us as we assure that you receive peace of mind that your tyres will be safe and reliable until your next tyre change. So with the heading, yes buying second hand tyres in Sydney is safe, as long as you’re buying it from the tyre business such as Cheap Tyres And Wheels.

We are only located a drive away in Milperra. We also do Australia-wide delivery, so yes, if you live slightly further than Milperra, give us a call first to discuss which tyre you’d like to purchase and we can make alternative arrangements so you can purchase the best priced second hand tyre in Sydney. Call us for more information on (02) 9792 2999.

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