A Colossal Range of Tyres

The range of tyres we offer at Cheap Tyres and Wheels in Sydney is not only astounding but each one is filled with latent energy and poised for ultra-high performance. They may look inert and heavy on our racks, but once they are fitted onto the right vehicles, their inactivity turns into unyielding performance in synchronized motion with your engine to yield the desired performance through the most intense conditions and speeds. Our tyres collection is the best you can find in Sydney or anywhere in Australia. The range and make of our tyres is colossal and their performance is tops.

Make your choice with due diligence

We are tyre specialists having been involved in the business for over 20 years running and we are always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect match for your car. You will know we are tyre experts when you realize that in Liverpool, Sydney, we rack up over 20,000 tyres of practically every well-known tyre brand worldwide. No other tyre dealer in Australia can match these credentials and for our part, we are determined to stay at the top for many more years to come, if not forever! So if you need a tyre or tyres, contact us and we’ll help you choose the tyres that will perfectly match your car.

Outsourcing from established brands

The top quality and high performing features of our tyres are household topic in all of Australia and to us, this is not at all surprising. We outsource our supply of extremely road worthy tyres from the most recognised and proven tyre brands in the world. To name just a few, we obtain our supplies from tyre manufactures like Michelin, Bridgstone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial and Kumho. With these brand names working in consort with our company, there is nowhere else to go but to expand and develop.

The perfect approach in choosing tyres

Choosing the perfect tyre match for your car is something you definitely cannot do all by yourself. When you enter a winery you need the assistance of connoisseur of wines so you can select the right kind of wine you want. The same applies with tyres. We are the connoisseur of tyres with every bit of information at our fingertips. One look at your car and our mentally stored database immediately goes into motion to click on the very tyres that you need. This is the best and perfect approach to use when looking for tyres for your car.

Contact us

If you want used top quality tyres that have been meticulously selected for reselling, all you need to do is call us on 02 9792 2999 and we will assist you select the best tyres for your vehicle.