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Pitch in Early to Get the Best Deal

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we know that the best way to save money on tyres right now is to pitch in early and get really good used tyres for your car and perhaps make an on the side investment on 4 brand new tyres while you are at it. For our tyres to be going at ridiculously low price levels is a signal for buyers who think ahead and make very realistic and worthwhile investments in purchasing extra tyres. It is not such a crazy idea if you can store you own brand new tyres at home while you use your used tyres or vice versa.

Take advantage of the low prices of used tyres

If you are conscious about saving money now, the smart thing to do is to take advantage of the low prices that are offered now. You don’t often get prices for top quality (90% tread depth) going for as low as $30 each for some model cars. The important to note here is that they may increase to $40 or higher any time soon. To be able to acquire tyres at this low price is a bargain anywhere. The same applies to the higher priced tyres up the ladder. If this lowest price is the right tyre for your car, it would be worth your while to think about obtaining 2 or even 4 spare tyres for future use.

New tyres are also a bargain

For completely new tyres to be going at a low price of $50 each is a bargain which should not be overlooked. Admittedly, when you use your new tyres on paved roads they are expected to last for about 10 years. With an outlay of $200 for 4 new tyres, it is a fantastic investment not forgetting the price hikes that may occur during that period of time. It is not even a bad idea if you entertained the idea of doubling the amount on buying another full set of tyres. It would also double the number of years that you will go through without spending anything on tyre purchases.

The 4×4 tyres can also be a bargain

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we also have thousands of 4×4 new and used tyres. The great news about these rough and tumble high quality tyres is their tenacious durability and great discount of up to 70% off each tyre. They can go anywhere without noticing the rough road surfaces of the outback and their thick tread lasts for years, they take a lot of punishment through any kind of weather and road surface be it rain, sleet or snow. A huge discount of only 70% is too good an offer to be ignored.

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