The Best Tyres @ Lowest Rates

Buying tyres at cheaper prices of your choice does not always point towards a poor quality product. We at ‘Cheap Tyres and Wheels’ assure you of the provision of first-rate high standard tyres, both new and used, of all types and varieties at a cost effective rate along with immediate delivery to your doorstep service.

It is important to not be negligent in terms of your safety when it comes to maintain the quality of your tyres in order to prevent or reduce the probability of getting involved in a road-related accident. Moreover, the better the tread of your tyres, lower will be the amount of gas that the vehicle consumes and subsequently lower will be your overall cost in the long term. However, before making any decision of purchasing new tyres for your vehicle, it is vital to check the condition of the old ones and the degree of damage that they have undergone. This can be done by any individual, however for safety purposes it is better to call over a Cheap Tyres and Wheels worker to do that for you free of charge. Our staff will not only analyze the current state of your tyres accurately but also provide services of effectively fitting any new purchases and of providing you with amazing discounts.


The added benefit of buying tyres from any of our outlets is the ability to select the product from of choice of manufacturer from a very diverse variety such as Michigan, Goodrich, Continental and Bridgestone etc. In addition, we also provide our clients with the convenience of calling any day of the week, checking or ordering through our online website and receive deliveries to any place within Sydney. Each and every tyre that we provide to our clients under goes extreme scrutiny and a complete check over by our professionals in order to supply you with the best of the best and to further improve your driving experience dramatically.

Cheap tyres and wheels guarantee you a safe and smooth drive and at the cheapest rates that are available all over Sydney. This is the only company that promises you on the provision of more than 20000 types of great vehicle- specific tyres. In addition, the quality that our company presents gives a much higher worth to your money. Finally, ‘Cheap tyres and Wheels’ is the only place that offers their products at highly competitive prices which are difficult to be matched by any other company.