Cheap Wheels That Sparkle in the Light

We now move on from cheap used and new tyres to the wonder of cheap wheels that glitter in the sunlight. Again, like our used tyres these wheels have also been used but they are truly magnificent to view and even more so to own. The wheels at Cheap Tyres and Wheels comprise genuine mag and alloy wheels with a range of 13 to 18 inches for accommodating a wide range of tyres.

The perfect wheel fit

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we believe that a car should be fitted with the right kind of wheels to ensure safety to the driver and top performance by the vehicle. Before any wheel is fitted, the make and vehicle specifications must be provided to us, so the wheels chosen will be a perfect fit for the vehicle. The actual fitting of the wheel is not an easy task and you should delegate that task to one of our many experts of fitting car wheels. You don’t have to guess your way through. Just tell us what wheel brand you need and we will supply and fit it onto your car.

All that glitters is not perfect

Though the wheels we offer do glitter when they come off our shelves, but they are in fact very difficult to maintain. Similar to our used and new tyres, our wheels must also be subjected to constant monitoring and check-ups to ascertain their durability. Car wheels are the hardest part to keep in top condition but if you do manage to keep them in good shape, they can be an added motive for buying your car when you decide to sell it. A clean and well-kept wheel gives any buyer the impression that the car has been carefully looked after.

Acidic grime can cause gross damage

Because of their position, the wheels often collect dirt, dust and adhesive residues. The dirt and dust can be cleaned easily with a minimum of effort and the wheels immediately recover their former shine. This is not the same for adhesive residues that attach themselves to the wheels during drives in the city or on the road in the outback.  Adhesive residue is ordinary dirt and break dust that turns adhesive with high temperatures and it is advisable that any noticeable collection of grime should be cleaned immediately after an exceptionally dry and dusty drive. Failing to do so will turn the grime into permanent and dangerous adhesive residues that can degrade the wheel lacquer.

A cleaning routine solves the problem

Grime ridden wheels should not be left unattended and we strongly recommend that you draw up a cleaning schedule. This approach will definitely ensure that your car wheels will stay in prime condition and add value to your car. Special care should be applied to tyres during cold winter months but if it is already too late, we can supply you with new cheap wheels that will meet your needs.

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