Cheap Wheels – The Mainstay for your Tyres

When people talk about tyres, they seldom make references to the spoke wheels that actually give strength to the whole tyre structure. Without a strong spoke wheel, it would be impossible to keep the tyres balanced much less firmly in place to be pumped with air so it can coast along the freeway.  At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we are firm believers in providing strong spoke wheels for car tyres and we provide the best around town. Our wheels have been reputed to look just as new and strong as wheels that have just left the assembly line and we are very proud of that fact.


One of the most vulnerable parts of your care


Our professionals are not only highly skilled in their knowledge of the type of used and new tyres that we rack up in our warehouses. They are also experts at repairing and renovating used wheels so that they can be reused again at a very affordable price. When you consider that wheels are placed in the worst position imaginable on a travelling car, you can appreciate the kind of damage that befalls the wheels of a car. Grit and dirt, rain and snow as well as hail attack the wheels whenever they find it travelling on the highway.


Even when standing, it’s still vulnerable.


Have you ever thought about the kind of damage your wheels can sustain while it’s standing in the car park or even at home? It’s amazing how many articles fly in and hit the wheels while it’s stationary. A golf ball from the course next to the car park may just have that momentum and direction to hit your wheels. It has been known to happen! A young man coasting along on his skate board may decide to make your wheels just the right object to stop his uncontrolled speed along the hard surface of the car park. An angry man or woman throwing a soft drink bottle may just land on you wheels. So many things can damage your wheels while in stationary mode.


The best mag and alloy wheels


It’s essential that you pay due attention to your wheels. The problem is that most of us think that wheels are strong enough to take any kind of punishment and that’s just not true. Aside from looking after your wheels, we have the best mag and alloy wheels in town and it’s easy for you to just lift up your phone and do the next step


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