The Perfect Complementary Product

Not only does Cheap Tyres and Wheels provide a wide range of top quality used tyres and new tyres, it also provides other complementary products like wheels. And these wheels are by no means brittle, discarded or inferior wheels. They are all genuine, true blue mag and alloy wheels that do not easily succumb to deterioration unless they fall to neglect and misuse. If you desire genuine mag and alloy wheels, we have them in stock right now!

Car specifications first

Fitting a wheel is a simple process that can be accomplished by our professional staff. However, like installing used tyres to cars, vehicle specifications are also needed before fixing wheels to your tyre frames. Once the specifications are available, the wheels are then fitted to the tyre inner frames by our wheel experts who will ensure that their appearances are as good as new. It is not advisable to hazard a guess as to which wheel is a perfect fit for your tyre. You must seek our assistance and advice.

Budget sensitive but hard to maintain

All used tyres and wheels at Cheap Tyres and Wheels are lowly priced starting from the very low price of $55 each. However, despite this, wheels are the hardest part of the tyre to maintain and keep in top shape. Due to their exposed position during drives, it easily succumbs to the congestive collection of grit and dirt which stick to the alloy part of the wheel. The collection of dirt must be cleaned immediately otherwise the glut will grow thicker and block the shine of your wheels. Looking after your wheels may pay dividends when you decide to sell your car because clean and shiny wheels definitely add value to your car.

Repairing corroded wheels cost more

Taking good care of your wheels and maintaining their shine and quality is very important. In addition to adding value to your car, properly maintained wheels will prevent additional costs of repairing your wheels. Residual adhesives that attach to the wheels and warm climates can combine to deal a deadly blow to your shiny mag or alloy wheels. The adhesive grime that collects on your wheels will turn acidic and with time will start corroding the shiny surface of your mag wheels. You will find that in the end the cost of repairing your damaged wheels will cost more than their actual value. You must exercise care to your wheels and always clean them of grime and grit.

Contact us

Now that you have learned everything about the price and the need to maintain your wheels, you are in a position to decide whether or not you want shiny mag or alloy wheels. If you do, ring us on  02 9792 2999and we will fit your car with the type of wheel you need.