Discount Tyres in Sydney

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With the fluctuating economy nowadays, almost every commodity is affected – be it food or other non consumable materials. As a result, tyres nowadays can also get quite expensive. Even used or second hand tyres are no longer priced as cheap as before!

Almost every other tyre supplier in Sydney is jacking up prices on their used and new tyres – except for Cheap Tyres and Wheels. To date, Cheap Tyres and Wheels is still the leading supplier of discount tyres in Sydney.

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We are still able to supply our growing clientele with the best priced discount tyres in Sydney without compromising tyre quality. Our secret lies in having reputable and ever so dependable used and new tyre suppliers with whom we have worked with for decades. The result of the collaboration is our highly famed used discount tyres which are up to 70% off regular prices!

Cheap Tyres and Wheels offers used tyres at 70% off regular prices. Our used discount tyres have a starting price of $30 each. Prices are also dependent on tyre size and brand. We have a wide selection of used discount tyres to choose from – about 20,000 tyres wide. New stocks come in almost every day so customers are assured of a good selection every visit. Used discount tyres from Cheap Tyres and Wheels come in different sizes – from passenger sizes to 4×4 sizes. We also offer ultra high performance used discount tyres in several sizes.

New discount tyres are also offered at Cheap Tyres and Wheels. Our discount tyres under this category are tagged at a starting price of $55 for each new discount tyre. Like our used discount tyres, prices will vary depending on size and brand. We have several brands to choose from including Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial and Kumho among others. Our brand selection assures clients that they are getting only the best of tyres when it comes to quality. All our discount tyres – whether used or new come from high quality manufacturers.

Each purchase of our discount tyres in Sydney come with free fitting and balancing services. This is more than just a freebie added in to entice and draw in new customers. It is a testament of our dedication to provide good customer service to all of our clients. Call us up now and get a quick quote in 5 minutes. Better yet, visit our Milperra showroom which is open 6 days a week.



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