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No matter where you look in Sydney, you will not find any tyre and wheel dealer that sells cheaper used tyres than we do at Cheaper Tyres and Wheels. Not only that but we also provide our customers with top quality products that are unequalled anywhere in Sydney. There’s no other tyre dealer in Sydney who cares more about your choice of tyres, your safety and your contentment. To bolster your sense of wellbeing we will further pamper you with the best discount tyres on offer in Sydney from our top brand suppliers.

Undeniably top quality tyres at cheap prices

It is amazing that throughout the year, the volume of tyres we have in our stock doesn’t seem to get less despite the high demand for our tyres throughout the country. This can only mean that the quality of our tyre supply system is up to scratch and the tyres it brings with it are top quality. As proven dealers, we can guarantee you the best prices in Sydney. What’s more, we can vouch that each and every one of our tyres are inspected on arrival for damages and tread depth to ensure your safety.

Our services are also top notch

When you purchase your tyres from our tyre stocks you not only get top quality used tyres, but you also get it at a low discounted price. You won’t find these two factors hand in hand anywhere in Sydney or in the whole of Australia for that matter. The services that we offer are performed with enthusiasm fuelled by our real interest in our customers. We make sure that with every purchase of our discounted tyres, we match it with our free frame fitting and balancing so that your tyres will stay for a longer period on the road than other tyres.

Our professionals will help you

No other tyre dealer can offer you the kind of concerned top quality service that we offer at Cheap Tyres and Wheels. Our fully qualified experts are ever at the ready to render your expert assistance in choosing the perfect tyre for your vehicle and to fit and balance your tyres on your car. If you are worried about the type of car you have and you think we may not have a tyre for you, stop worrying. We have tyres to fit almost any type of vehicle whether they are trucks, SUVs, Range Rovers and other 4WD vehicles.

Contact us

We can provide you with the type of cheap but top quality tyres for your vehicle so if you want your tyres fitted and balanced now, ring us on 02 9792 2999 and we will promptly deal with your problem. You can also call our Milperra tyre service on (o2) 9792 2999 for discount tyres.