Enjoy Quality & Durable Cheaper Used Tyres

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Changing tyres can be tiresome as there are so many tyre choices available on the market. So then the question is, are new tyres better or used tyres better and how do you trust purchasing a used tyre in the first place?

A new tyre costs between $50 – 100 depending on the brand and quality, which is much higher compared to the $30 minimum price you can spend for the used ones. Only a few number of tyre service businesses in Sydney has the capability to offer such, and one of them is Cheap Tyres And Wheels.

What you generally need to know when determining if a used tyre is worthwhile is by asking for the tread percentage. Have a look at the wheel yourself and judge if the tyre looks too worn out or if it’s still usable. Commonly, if the dealer offers you tyres where it’s either balding or if you see excessive lining showing through the tyres, it is really a no brainer to refuse those used tyres.

Used tyres are quite worthwhile when you know how to choose the right ones that are still just like the new ones.
With more than 20 years of experience in providing top quality customer service, our tyre specialists at Cheap Wheels And Tyres ensure that our customers achieve the following:

– Sound advice on tyre replacements, in particular used tyres
– Workshop fitting and balancing free of charge with all tyre purchase
– Making sure all tyre purchases are suitable for your car

What Kinds of Used Tyres Does Cheap Tyres And Wheels Have?

With over 20,000 used tyres in their stockyard, Cheap Tyres And Wheels still maintains the capability of ensuring that all of them are of good quality. Their business practice, which focuses more on providing satisfaction to their customers, are continually improved over the years. They ensure that their tyres pass the following criteria:

1. Durability

They test and check every tyre if there are any signs of aging, wearing, and damage which are very vital to the driving experience. Tread patterns should be kept between 50 – 90% to ensure that it will last long before replacement.
2. Performance

To compliment the quality, the performance of the tyres should also ensure that they assist in reducing the consumption of oil. It should also as well be able to resist the effects of changing weather and road terrain.

3. Safety

The utmost priority is the safety of the wheels. This is done through their team of tyre specialists who will personally fit your tyres with free balancing consultation so that you drive away with a peace of mind.

Buy cheaper tyres without forsaking quality. Call or visit Cheap Tyres And Wheels showroom today. They are located in Milperra NSW and have been servicing Australia-wide for many years. Call us for more information (02) 9792 2999.

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