A Bonanza of Top Quality Tyres

A bonanza of cheap but high quality used and high-performing new tyres are up for grabs at Free Tyres and Wheels of Sydney. Every day, a stream of these tyres flow into the company sheds and are assembled neatly on racks before they are sold again at an amazing speed and replaced by a ceaseless stream of incoming tyres. The daily numbers of used and new tyres on the racks stand at around 20,000. We have tyres for every brand of car including tough cross country travellers like 4WD’s.

Where do the tyres come from?

At Free Tyres and Wheels we are not supplied from just anywhere. We do not form supply agreements with local tyre dealers or big garages. Instead we go to the very source of the tyre supply chain. We enter into agreements with top end brands like Michelin which is a popular brand. And who hasn’t heard of the Bridgestone brand of excellent tyres? Does the brand Goodrich tyres ring a bell? It should because this company is a household name worldwide. We also enter joint-ventures with Radial, Kumho, Continental and other popular tyre manufacturers.

An amazing variety of good solid tyres

It doesn’t really matter from which tyre brand the tyres come from, since all our suppliers are dependable and first class tyre manufactures. What matters most is that the tyres flow in every day to our storage racks where they are neatly stacked according to their make and size. We can provide tyres for any type of vehicle. If you own a saloon car of whatever make, Toyota, Holden, Mitsubishi, Honda and all the other makes we have a tyre or tyres that will address your needs.

What about the prices?

You won’t believe this! The prices hover between just $30 for used tyres and $55 for our new tyres. Can you find a better deal than this in all of Sydney or if not, the whole of Australia and possibly beyond? The prices are amazingly cheap and the fact that the tyres come from established well-known brands is indicative of just how glutted the tyre market is right now. Despite this  our flow of purchases and sales of continue unceasingly and our sheds are never glutted with tyre over-supply.

Customer service

Not only is our variety of tyres   impressive and sustainably delivered. Our customer service also adds that extra professional touch for fully satisfying our customers. Every tyre that is bought can be fitted onto your car there and then with allowances made for tyre size and thread you desire. Everything is done for your happy riding.

Contact us

Want a cheap used tyre or new one? Call us now on 02 9792 2999 and we will supply you with the type of tyre you need.