A Huge Collection of New Tyres

We know that most people think in terms of brand new tyres when their old tyres have reached the end of their life. Little do they realize that there’s a fantastic tyre deal in new tyres right here in Sydney at Milperra on Bullecourt Avenue near where it intersects with Ashford Avenue. It is easy to find by just pressing the ‘Contact us’ button on our site and taking a look at the displayed Google Map of the location.

A haphazard approach is ill advised  

Again with safety in mind, it is not expedient just to replace your old tyre for a new one, a pair or a full set, until after you have thoroughly inspected your old tyres. You can carry out the inspection if you are so inclined, but if you are not capable of doing it, call on the assistance of our many tyre experts to carry out a complete inspection to ascertain whether or not your tyres need replacing. They will inspect your tyres for damage from wear and tear and also inspect the tread depth of your tyres.

 The proper time to change tyres  

Many experts agree that it is very difficult to predict the shelf life of a tyre though it is well known to age over the years, from constant use and from environmental factors. The consensus seems to be that tyres normally live an extended life of about 10 years as a safety precaution. At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we have somewhat conformed to this observation and have adapted our activities well within its parameters. But there are always the mishaps of life that can happen any time such as an unforeseen tyre puncture or accident to name only two reasons for prematurely changing tyres.

Constant inspections is a must

Normally, people adopt the attitude that very little can go wrong after the installation of new tyres. But tyres are material assets that succumb to wear and tear by the elements such as sunlight, snow, sleet and moving water. In view of these occurrences, it would be a good idea to have your tyres periodically checked by a competent expert and have a running record of their condition throughout their useful lives. Normally, a tyre will have reached its useful life when its tread depth has reached 1.66 mm in thickness but you should not wait for this to happen before you change your tyres.

Never hesitate to ask

Our team of tyre experts are always at the ready to help you solve your needs. There are there to give you solutions and not casual talk. Ask them all the questions that you need answers to and they will provide you with the right answers you seek. And don’t forget that with every purchase that you make after seeking their expert advice, the fitting of your tyre, pair or set will be provided free of any charge.

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Perfectly new quality tyres can be yours now if you ring us on 02 9792 2999 and fitted at no cost to you.