Second Hand Tyres: Affordability and Functionality in One

There are times that you have to cut on costs for various personal reasons. If you don’t have enough money to get new tyres but have the tyres in your car too worn out to use, you can buy partly worn ones instead. You usually pay for only half the price when you get a second-hand one plus most of the stocks are not even as damaged as you’d expect.


One of the common issues you get from buying wheels that are partly worn is the fact that most of its friction is reduced to about 50% of the original. Despite this, most tyres are good enough for normal road use especially those manufactured by well-revered brands like Michelin and BF Goodrich.

When you visit Cheap Tyres & Services, you are presented with more manufacturers like Kumho, Continental, Radial and Bridgestone. In order to make sure that you get back your money with a quality product, take note of the followings tips.

How do I know if a second-hand tyre is good?

It is common knowledge to check the goods before you make a purchase. Once you are in the shop, look at every angle and side of the tyre and check for the following:

  • The ply or cord should not be vulnerable in each side of the tyre
  • There should be no cuts that are 25 millimetres long and above
  • The entire rubber surface should have no tears or swollen parts
  • Bumps  and indentations should not be present anywhere
  • Any type of damage that is not possible for repair

If you are considering buying second hand tyres, you have to first acknowledge the fact that they have already been used. There is no use in complaining to the distributor later on that the tires you bought are slightly damaged here and there. During the purchase, you will be presented with the actual item so all you need to do is determine whether you want it or not based on the abovementioned check points.

You can find lots of distributors online that have second hand tyres in their collection, so if you are going to buy online you need to be even more wary of the condition. At Cheap Tyres & Wheels, you are ensured that each second hard tyre is of good usable quality. The staff will be able to help you find a replacement if the brand you are looking for is not present. If you lack budget and need an urgent replacement, the second hand tyres at Cheap Tyres & Wheels will never disappoint you.