Second hand tyres in Sydney – A Colossal Stock of Used Tyres

When you consider the fact that in Australia alone in 2013, there were 717 vehicles for every 1000 persons you can imagine how that translates into the number of tyres and wheels! These figures literally mean that nearly every grown up in Australia, if not all, owns a vehicle. And there are about 23 million people here! So It makes sense to have a tyre and wheels supply business doesn’t it and that’s the reason why Cheap Tyres and Wheels is here in Sydney.

Tyres of all sizes

It’s definitely not enough just to have a warehouse full of tyres. They must suit the purpose for which they were originally acquired and hence the reason why we store a whole variety of tyres. We have both used tyres and new brands, but our used tyres are classic. They do not only look like new tyres, they also have quality and longevity. They have been carefully hand-picked so that you get only the best of used tyres from our stock. We have the 4×4 sizes that fit almost any passenger type vehicle, ultra high performance and other special size tyres and they’re yours for the picking.

Fitting and balancing them is no issue

One of our strongest features is in having tyre specialists who are extremely familiar with the dynamics of tyres. They are entirely competent in their skills of picking just the right type of used tyres for the company. We have the utmost trust in their judgement and they have never failed us in their ability to select the right used tyres for every customer that comes knocking at our doors. They are not only capable of selecting the right tyres for you but willingly help in fitting and balancing them onto your vehicle. Most have been with us for over 20 years and are indeed tyre experts.

Top notch suppliers

Most people associate second hand or uses products as something of inferior quality that can easily collapse after only a few hours or use. Most believe that they are not as good as the original product. This is far from the reality of things. We do not select tyres that are close to the end of their lives. Far from it, as we select only the best used tyres from the hands of well-known and respected manufactures and tyre renovators like Bridgestone, Goodrich, Continental, Radial and Kumbo. These are indisputably the best suppliers of used and new tyres.

Contact us

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we are experts at selecting just the right tyre for your car brand. If you want tyres from us, it’s really simple to get them. Just ring us on 02 9792 2999 and there’re as good as yours.