Second Handt but Almost the Best

When you become second in a race, it doesn’t mean you are an inferior runner. It only means that the winner wore better brand new spikes than you. It also means that by coming second, you almost won the race which is quite something in itself! The same applies to second hand tyres. They are not brand new, but they are a close second and at Cheap Tyres and Wheels, we make sure that is the case.

Top quality used tyres

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we know that our tyres are second hand and for this very reason we go to great lengths in making sure they are of the highest quality with our special guarantee that they grip the road surface with unflinching tenacity. We are extremely confident of this because each of our used tyres must have a tread depth of between 50% and 90%. This means that we put your safety at the forefront of our thoughts and plans. For this reason, company experts are always on hand to assist you choose the best used tyres available on our tyre racks

Easy access to viewing our stocks 

We realize that it may not be possible for all our customers to personally front up to our main storage centre in Sydney. To make things easy, we have made it real easy for our customers to view the range of tyres we have and to conduct their own shopping online. At Cheap Tyres and Wheels, we are always busy 6 days a week and will always be on hand to take your orders. If you fail to view or locate the tyre you want, we invite you to call us on the phone number shown on this page and we would be happy to assist you in finding just the right tyre for you.

Expert assistance at your disposal

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels we make it our business to serve your every need especially in finding the tyres you want. That is the reason why our experts will always be at your disposal while you are looking for the best tyres for your car. They will tell you that we offer a wide range of tyre sizes, types and styles with each one having been subjected to thorough inspection to make sure they are safe to use on the road. They only become part of our stock if they pass very stringent inspections and tests and our professionals are fully qualified to undertake these tasks.  If you are sure that we can satisfy your needs for tyres, there is only one thing left to do.

Contact us

Call us now on 02 9792 2999 and we will install and balance the tyres chosen for you onto your car at no extra cost.