Time to Replace Your Old Tyres with New Tyres

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New Tyres From Just $55*. Free Fitting and Balancing Included As Part Of Service.

*Depends on size and brand

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Some of us feel anxious about purchasing used tyres because they feel there are quite a few uncertainties about trusting tyres that were once used by another person’s car. If purchasing second hand tyres aren’t in your style, why not opt for brand new tyres from our workshop?

We have a range of around 5000 new tyres to select from, and while our new tyres are accommodating to most Australian, come to speak to us first about your tyre needs because sometimes used tyres may actually turn out to be more worthwhile for your vehicle than a new tyre would. New Tyres are relatively more expensive than used tyres and the purchase should really depend on how often you drive your car and on what road surfaces you usually use your car on. We suggest purchasing used tyres if you know you’re always driving on a rough surface and you know you’re a frequent driver – a used tyre is just that much cheap and you know you can still get a lot of mileage out of used tyres for a relatively much cheaper price than new tyres.

However, going back to the initial thought of feeling uncomfortable about purchasing used tyres, Cheap Tyres And Wheels can certainly advise on the right set of new tyres that will be suited to your vehicle needs.

What are the Benefits of Having New Tyres?

Some of the useful benefits that you can consider about purchasing new tyres are:

– Longer shelf life that ensures safety while you are on the road
– Guaranteed roadworthiness
– You know 100% tread is still intact with the tyre and that you can get warranty from the tyre manufacturers if anything goes wrong.

Call us for a quick quote or a consultation now and save precious money for tyre expenses. Call or visit Cheap Tyres And Wheels showroom today. We are located in Milperra NSW and have been servicing Australia-wide for many years. Call us for more information (02) 9792 2999.

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