A country wide market for Used Tyres

One very special feature about Cheap Tyres and Wheels is that we don’t deal only in a state wide market. We also supply the whole country and that’s exactly the reason why we have such a high turnover of tyres passing through our storage racks. Our tyres have developed such a strong reputation for quality and price that car owners all over the country give first preference for our tyres.

 What about the sizes?

In case you are wondering about the range of sizes we offer, we can furnish you with exactly 3 main categories. We have tyre sizes for standard passenger cars, we also supply 4 x 4 tyre sizes and we also supply ultra-high performance tyres.  If you prefer tyres to fit your ordinary passenger saloon car, you can choose from exactly 30 different tyre sizes. If you decide to acquire a 4 x 4 tyre, we have an impressive array of 28 different sizes from which you can choose. Alternatively, if you prefer the heavy duty tyre category, you can choose from the 17 different ultra-high performance tyres that we store in our tyre sheds.

Top quality tyres

Anyone looking for top quality used and new tyres but are on a tight budget, can stop looking and turn to Cheap Tyres and Wheels for tyres that are just as good as new ones. Our company brand implies that our tyres are so cheap that they are very close to being free. Just consider this. You spend a lot more for just one night of dining than on a used or new tyre that will last for the next 15,000 kilometres or more. Now that’s saving a lot of money! On top of that, our tyres are of extremely high quality and are carefully checked for durability, performance and safety even before lay your eyes on them.

Highly qualified staff

In order to enhance the popularity of a brand, you have to back it up with professionally competent staff. There is nothing more important than culturing a professional atmosphere within the company that people can see and feel and that’s exactly what Cheap Tyres and Wheels is doing. Its staff members are highly qualified workers while they are setting tyres or just walking around the repair shop. The presence instantly reflects their inert capability and skill. They will advise you to buy matching front or back tyres but for total safety they will recommend buying a complete set. They can assist you through the whole process of buying just the right kind of tyre and many more.

Contact us

What you are required to do in the whole process is very simple. All you have to do is to look, study and choose. The rest is up to us and we do it with utter dexterity and skill. If you can’t visit us, ring us on 02 9792 2999 and one of our expert staff will pay you a visit and attend to your needs.