Cheap Prices for Top Quality Used Tyres

Used tyres at Cheap Tyres and Wheels are selling at an astoundingly cheap price from $30 each and there is no additional charge for fitting and balancing them onto your vehicle depending on size and tread. This represents a drop of 70% from the normal price, an unbeatable price here in Sydney and the whole of Australia for that matter.

Huge variety of guaranteed used tyres

A good supplier provides a wide variety and top quality products, exactly the combination that we have at Cheap Tyres and Wheels. The variety of used tyres stored on our racks is just unbelievable and no wonder, since we outsource our tyre supply from 6 of the best known tyre brands worldwide. When you realize that we have name brands like Bridgestone and BF Goodrich on the list supplying us with top quality used tyres, you can bet your bottom dollar the tyres are just as good as brand new tyres. We thoroughly inspect our tyres for any imperfections and we accept only the very best to become stock for you to purchase. You get only the best and guaranteed tyres from us.

Focus on roadworthiness

There is absolutely no point in selling inferior tyres to our customers and so we have chosen roadworthiness as our pivotal point of reference for any tyre we decide to accept as stock and sell as top quality products. All our tyres are carefully inspected to ascertain their roadworthiness and those that do not pass the inspection simply do not become part of our stock. You will also find that other tyre companies don’t provide free fixing and balancing services for their customers. At Cheap Tyres and Wheels, this is absolutely a standard part of our services. Our experts are thoroughly trained to provide professional installing and balancing of your set of tyres before you ride away on your homeward drive, happy and contented.

Being cheap does not imply inferior quality

Many people associate cheap tyres with inferior quality and this is to be expected from those who know very little about used tyres. There are acceptable standards to be reckoned with. The overall condition of the tyre must meet certain standards. No tyres having a tread depth of 50% to 95% are accepted; the age of a used tyre must pass a certain timeline; no evident damage must be visibly seen on the tyre. In other words, tyres that pass our inspection are nearly or just as good as brand new tyres.

Uncertainty may do you harm

Sometimes, you may harbour a feeling of uncertainty as to whether or not your tyres are due for replacing. To us, this is quite understandable as may car owners are not conversant with everything they need to know about tyres. All you need to do to make the right decision is very easy.

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