Used tyres in Sydney – Supplying the Best Tyres in Australia

Running a supply line on tyres and wheels in Sydney is one of the most exciting trades anyone can participate in. Just looking at the shiny, good-as-new tyres and wheels that flow in at a constant and sustained pace is fantastic. At Cheap Tyres and Wheels in Sydney, we are proud of our tyres and wheels not only because they look as good as new, but we look after them and make sure they stay in top condition for our customers.

Fabulous collection of used tyres

We have the most fantastic collection of used tyres and wheels and if you were to hazard a guess that we have thousands upon thousands of these strong, compact and shiny used tyres, you’d be right. In fact, we always have a standing stock of 20,000 used tyres for all types of cars. No matter what type car you have, we have just the right type of tyre for it. You have to see it for yourself to believe it. We have used tyres for saloon cars, utilities, trucks, buses, racing cars 4WDs, the lot. Moreover, they’re cheap going for just $30 with fitting and balancing thrown in free!

New tyres and wheels every day!

Would you believe it that we have new tyres and wheels coming in every single day? Guess not, but that’s exactly what is happening at Cheap Tyres and Wheels in Sydney.  Our new tyres flow in at a colossal pace from the manufactures day in day out. Our new tyres are racked brand new and they a zapped off the racks for from as low as $55 each. That’s about the greatest bargain you can get anywhere. Buying a tyre from one of our warehouses is about the wisest thing you can do as you’d be doing yourself fa favour in saving a lot of money for other things.

Extremely efficient customer service

At Cheap Tyres and Wheels, satisfying your customers in every way possible is our standing motto and we are determined to stick by it. Our professionals can avail themselves to discuss and provide expert information on everything we sell, including the downsides of our trade. We want our customers to walk away completely satisfied with what they’ve bought and to keep coming back again and again. The success of our tyre trade hinges on quality of our customer service and our experts do their utmost in fulfilling every whim and desire of our customers.

Contact us

If ever you need a top quality tyre, whether used or brand new, we are the people to go to. Just ring us on 02 9792 2999 and you’ll never regret it.