We believe we are the Best for Used Tyres in Sydney

tyre_wearTry as you might, you won’t find a tyre and wheel dealer that can match our track record in selling top quality used tyres and wheels in Sydney and in all of Australia for that matter. And we’ve got the facts to prove it. The first thing to note about us at Cheap Tyres and Wheels is that we deliver our products Australia wide and we still do. Yes to all 7 states including Tasmania way down south. Now that’s saying something isn’t it and it’s a fact! But to get a deeper appreciation why we are the best tyre and wheel dealers around town, lets tour our premises and have a look at some of  our main products.

Cheap tyres but not quality

The tyres we offer our customers are cheap and why shouldn’t they? After all they’ve been used before. But when you actually look at them close up you will notice they smell like new tyres and look like new tyres and they come off our racks at an amazing starting price of only $30. What’s more, they can be fitted and balanced by our experts at no extra cost. And you know what? You can buy as many tyres as you want. We have a huge supply of more than 20.000 tyres on our racks and they don’t seem to get diminished at all.

What is so special about our tyres?

We are not going to lie to you. Our used tyres have been used. But the amazing thing about them is their quality. We can guarantee that for a price starting at $30 per tyre, the used tyres that you will take home with you in your utility or on your car possesses the quality of a brand new tyre straight from the assembly line. Why? Simply because we offer only the best tyres there are on the market. Our method of selection has been agreed to with our suppliers and they are impeccable in their own right and they supply us with top quality used tyres.

Our suppliers are impeccable brands

When you deal with second rate dealers who are hardly known brands, you are bound to get grossly inferior products. But when you deal with well established brands in the auto industry, you are dealing with the very upper echelons of the business where second rate quality products simply just won’t do. We get our supplies of used tyres from well-known brands like Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial & Kumho and when you deal with brands such as these, we know we are dealing with the best so you can get the best!

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